Make your local group a partner in humanist giving


Is your humanist/atheist/skeptic/freethought group looking for opportunities to engage in charitable giving? If so, the new Foundation Partners Program might be just what you're looking for.


How it Works


Partners collect member donations in any amount and submit to the Foundation each month. Contributions made by individual Foundation members who are also members of the Partner group will also accrue to the group's total.

As with individual members, Partner groups can distribute their donations as they wish across our ten cause areas. The slate of beneficiaries changes each quarter, and Foundation Partners are an important voice in helping us choose future charities.


How Partners Benefit


Each Partner receives a web badge identifying the group as a Foundation Beyond Belief Partner. Additional awards/badges will be made available to groups that meet (optional, self-determined) contribution goals for a given period and as total contributions pass certain benchmarks. The name, logo, and link for each Partner organization is displayed on the Partners Program page in the main menu on our website. Groups have password access to the entire FBB website to nominate and debate future beneficiaries and to participate in our developing social network dedicated to humanist philanthropy.

The Foundation will forward regular reports on the work of our featured charities to keep Partners fully informed of the importance and impact of their donations. There is no fee for participation and no penalty for falling short of optional contribution goals. In short, there is no risk—just an opportunity to join us in encouraging and demonstrating the generosity and compassion of atheists and humanists.

Less than a month after joining the program, one of our charter Partners, Fellowship of Freethought Dallas, is hosting a cocktail party fundraiser for FBB on Sept 24. Thanks FoFD!

Need more info? Ready to apply for partnership? Visit our Partners page, or drop us a note here.