Many Hands


by Dale McGowan

Executive Director, FBB

My my my, but it’s a busy time.  Things are going really well, thanks to so many willing and gifted hands. Time for some shout outs! Deepest thanks to

DUNCAN CRARY of Duncan Crary Communications for working hard (and successfully!) on grant funding;

Our membership coordinator JAIME SABEL for getting the word out about this thing of ours;

AIRAN AND KELLY WRIGHT of From Concept to Completion for web design AND logo design AND ongoing brilliance;

UTE MITCHELL, our charitable giving coordinator, for working with our beneficiaries to set up the charity info pages;

MARIA WALTERS of Masala Skeptic for early work on a planned volunteer corps; 

KELLY WRIGHT for helping to recruit top-notch contributors for this very blog;

Board members HEMANT MEHTA, TRISH COWAN, KATE MILLER, and WAYNE HUEY for contributions large and small, fun and not so, from mission to by-laws to choosing beneficiaries;

The 192 contributors to our first fund drive and the twenty contributors to our current one so far, without whom NOTHING would be happening;

The 32 members who have so far submitted charity nominations for our future slates;

The many Twitterers and Facebookers who have been tweeting and statusing about the Foundation. 

PLEASE KEEP IT UP! We’re spreading the word as fast as we can, but the real power is in our many members and their many, many friends. Tell your local atheist/humanist society about the Foundation. Blog it!  Tweet it!  Embed the video in your blog, your website, your navel.  It’s a meme worth spreading.

Our second beneficiary will be posted soon, as will the first post from our first mystery contributor to the blog, not to mention the application forms for several volunteer positions.

Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm! YOU are making it happen.