March 2018 Team of the Month & Picture of the Month


We are happy to announce our March BBN Picture of the Month and Team of the Month winners. This month’s Picture of the Month winning picture is from Humanists Doing Good’s volunteering event at Eureka! McConnell Science Museum in Grand Junction, CO. During the museum’s grand opening Humanists Doing Good volunteers carried out a variety of tasks ranging from directing traffic to moving construction equipment and since they were able to rotate duties, they all were able to see all the exhibits. Congratulations Humanists Doing Good on a great event and great new science museum in your community!

March’s Team of the Month, Sandhills Secular Society, cleaned their 2 mile stretch of road in Fayetteville, NC for the first time in March.  Their very first Adopt-A-Street event didn’t come without it’s hitches, but now they know what to expect. Keep up the great work Sandhills Secular Society!