MAZON continues to fight hunger through innovative programs


Because Foundation Beyond Belief is engaging in an exciting new initiative, the Compassionate Impact Grant, for the fourth quarter of 2014, we won’t be selecting charities for our traditional five focus areas this quarter (Human Rights, Poverty & Health, The Natural World, Education, and Challenge the Gap). Let’s use this opportunity to look back at one of the charities we’ve previously featured in the Challenge the Gap category.

MAZON was our second-quarter 2012 Challenge the Gap beneficiary. Foundation Beyond Belief members donated $6,445 to the organization. MAZON is committed to its mission to “provide for people who are hungry while at the same time advocating for other ways to end hunger and its causes” within and outside of the Jewish community. During 2012-2013, MAZON focused on addressing unique hunger issues affecting marginalized communities through programs such as Healthy Options, Healthy Meals (HOHM), Help Our Heroes, and Partnership Grantmaking.

MAZON continues to develop and implement initiatives within the anti-hunger community. Healthy Options, Healthy Meals has entered Phase 2. For this phase, MAZON will assist its 12 food bank partners in implementing the nutrition policy plans that were developed during Phase 1. It will also lead nine new food bank partners through the process of creating and implementing nutrition policies, spreading healthy and nutritious food to low-income communities. MAZON also recently launched Solutions to Senior Hunger. This initiative is designed to help low-income seniors overcome the barriers that prevent them from enrolling in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

MAZON’s growth and commitment to its goal in relieving hunger serves as an inspiration for working toward the common good.

Foundation Beyond Belief is proud to have supported MAZON and wishes it continued success in all of its programs and initiatives.