Meet Celia, our second Helping Hands nominee


Helping Hands is a Beyond Belief Network initiative to use Foundation Beyond Belief’s network of secular humanist teams, fantastic charities, and social media presence to help atheists in need of a Helping Hand. Its primary purpose is to put nonbelievers in touch with Beyond Belief Network teams and other resources in their area.

Our second nominee is Celia from Raleigh, NC. Celia is a single mother who has been struggling with poverty and unemployment for quite a while. She was attending school, but her financial aid was suspended because of low attendance when her lack of transportation and reliable childcare caused her to miss class. Because she didn’t have anyone to turn to, the combination of taking care of her son and her car breaking down has caused her to lose her job, and she is in danger of becoming homeless. She and her son are both autistic, which makes finding employment and childcare even more difficult.

Celia and her son could use food, interview outfits, toiletries, assistance with transportation, and phone and Internet services. If you or your group are willing to help, please email Beyond Belief Network Coordinator Brittany Shoots-Reinhard. Celia and her son would also appreciate money for rent, utilities, transportation, and childcare. If you’d like to donate, please go to this site organized by her friend DuWayne Brayton.