Meet our Fall Interns


Exciting news! A new team of interns joins the Foundation Beyond Belief staff today for a five-month term. Due to yet another set of terrific applicants as well as some exciting projects underway here at the Foundation, we’re expanding our internship program this term to six positions.

joshTake a moment to get to know the wonderful folks who will be joining us for the next few months:

Joshua Brose Josh is currently the activities director for Campus Atheists Skeptics and Humanists at the University of Minnesota and he is leading a mid-west conference focusing on skepticism and technology.

He grew up in Minnesota where prior to becoming an atheist he led various student-based ministries and volunteer projects and attained a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

Josh’s focus area will be our Partners program, and he will also be working with Volunteers Beyond Belief student groups. You can reach him at

cathleenCathleen O’Grady is a South African evolutionary linguist currently finishing up her MSc in Edinburgh, with particular interests in theory of mind and evolutionary pragmatics. Her involvement with freethought organizations in Scotland has sharpened her interests in skepticism and humanism, and she plans to be involved in developing a more active freethought community at home in Johannesburg.

She gets very excited about social justice, education, environmentalism and animal welfare, and in her spare time she runs, writes, reads, sings, and spends time daydreaming about all the different subjects she would still like to study.

Cathleen will be working with the humanist giving and crisis response programs, and you can reach her at

andrewAndrew Geary spent his childhood days in Hampton Roads, Virginia and currently resides in Washington DC advocating on behalf of our military veterans who find themselves homeless. He earned his MPA from Indiana University Bloomington and has dedicated his career to addressing enduring and seemingly intractable differences through the nonprofit sector. His past service in AmeriCorps, managing a retreat for foster youth, and various volunteer capacities has continued to push him toward that aim. His close family of 4 sisters, 2 brothers and seven nieces and nephews keep him quite engaged. In his own time, he watches lots of movies, works on documentaries, and catches talks at Politics & Prose Bookstore.

Andrew will be the Volunteers Beyond Belief (VBB) intern, and you can reach him at

kateKate Donovan is a third year student at Northwestern University, where she studies psychology and human development, and is the president of NU’s Secular Student Alliance. She discovered the secular blogosphere last year, and since then has attempted to write as much as she possibly can. Currently, she can be found at Friendly Atheist, Teen Skepchick, and The Heresy Club. She is an incorrigible optimist, and likes nothing more than giving others reasons to be happy.

Kate’s focus area will be communications and marketing, and you can reach her at

samSam Shore is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in history. He has been an active presence in his local freethought community for a number of years, first as an officer in the Illini Secular Student Alliance and now through the newly-minted Coalition of Reason in Central Illinois. When not heathin’ it up, Sam can usually be found reading, running, or catching up on and discussing the latest political news.

Sam will be the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) team intern, and you can reach him at

sarahSarah Hamilton is a rising senior English major at Furman University who lives in South Carolina. She is treasurer of the Society for Free Inquiry, the campus’s secular student organization, and she works at the Furman IT Service Center. A frequenter of hiking trails, philosophy classes, coffee shops, bookstores, and dance halls, Sarah enjoys debating and traveling.

Sarah will be our website and technology intern. You can reach her at

We’re really proud to welcome aboard this inspiring, motivated team, and expect the next several months to be fun and productive. If you’re interested in volunteering either as an intern or staff member at FBB, keep an eye on for any postings.