Meet our Fall/Winter interns


Time to introduce our outstanding Fall/Winter intern team:

Simon Jungé

simon“I am a 25 year-old married man studying philosophy at the University of Illinois at Chicago while working as a shift supervisor at my local Starbucks. I enjoy following sports and reading in my spare time as well as cooking and brewing my own beer. I am passionate about seeking the truth in all aspects of life and assisting others who seek to do the same. My goals with this internship are to gain experience and prepare for a career focused on promoting secular education and awareness. I believe that we in the secular movement have the chance to not only defuse dangerous cultural myths, but also to serve as examples of citizens doing good while embracing a healthy skepticism.”

Simon is working on a very exciting but as-of-yet unannounceable project for the Foundation.

Shireen Noroozi

shireen“I was born and raised in Orange County, California.  At around age 12 I became very religious and continued to attend the conservative evangelical church long after my mother did.  I was an Evangelical Christian for about 6 ½ years.  When I reached college and was exposed to other viewpoints and evidence, I slowly de-converted.  After a little over a year of disposing one belief after another every time I learned something new, I eventually became comfortable with being an Atheist.  Now, I consider myself an Atheist-Skeptic-Humanist.  At my college, University of Oregon, I helped co-found the UO Alliance of Happy Atheists, and was the Education Chair for the first year.  I studied Sociology at the UO.  Outside of school I also study dance and fashion.”

Shireen will work primarily with our Foundation Partners program.

Amanda Barrett

amanda“I am a PhD student at the University of Florida studying microbiology. When I finally finish my degree I plan on working in the non-profit sector, helping to raise funding for scientific research and raise awareness of how important science is to everyone. There is a disturbingly large gap in understanding between scientists and the people who fund their research, and I want to help make that gap a little smaller by encouraging critical thinking and scientific literacy. I am a secular humanist, a blogger, and a geek. When I am not campaigning against irrationality or creating genetically modified organisms, I’m playing table-top RPGs and reading comic books.” 

Amanda’s primary focus is our Volunteers Beyond Belief program. 

Anthony Graham

anthony“I was born and raised in Southern Illinois and am currently a senior at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale working toward my BA in socio-cultural anthropology. I am planning on obtaining minors in sociology and military science. I am a member of the Illinois Army National Guard and Army ROTC at SIU-C in hopes of becoming a Secular Humanist Chaplain for the United States Army. My primary research interests are in world religions, secular organizational development, the social and anthropological implications of religion, and religiosity in the military.”

Anthony is our intern-at-large, working in several of our programs including membership development and charitable giving.

(Our Spring internship round begins on February 1. Interested in applying? Click here!)