Meet our summer interns!


We are very excited to introduce the Foundation Beyond Belief summer interns! This team was selected out of an impressive number and quality of applications. In fact, we had so many strong contenders that we added another internship and selected five outstanding applicants. We’re thrilled to have them on board and can’t wait to see what they can accomplish!

Chana MessingerChana Messinger is a rising fourth-year mathematics major at the University of Chicago. She is the president of the Secular Alliance at the University of Chicago and a teacher at a Secular Sunday School in Oak Park. She likes science demos that involve explosions, reading political philosophy, sneaking into psychology conferences, having religious arguments on Facebook, being a news junkie, and blogging about whatever interests her. 

Chana’s focus area will be the Foundation’s Members and Partners programs. You can reach her at  

Lauren LaneLauren Lane is the co-founder of Skepticon, the nation’s largest student-run freethinker conference. She is also a contributor at the Friendly Atheist blog. Currently, she is a graduate student at the Memphis College of Art and is pursuing her MFA. In her spare time, she likes to play soccer, draw things, and be awesome.

Lauren will be the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) team intern, and you can reach her at

Corey GlasscockCorey Glasscock grew up in central Missouri and is currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and religious studies at UCM. He helped found the first freethought group at his university and is currently working on anthropological research in regards to secular cultures versus highly religious societies. Corey has also given lectures on various religions, cultures, traditions, and theological arguments. 

Corey will be working with the Humanist Giving program. You can reach him at

AJ ChalomAJ Chalom lives in suburban Chicago, where she enjoys lake walks, classical music, and quiet. She balances life with her 6- and 4-year-old children, her busy husband, and her crazy transportation: the mega tricycle. A lifelong humanist, she has worked extensively within the Humanistic Jewish movement She has worked as a geologist, a historic preservation researcher, and a teen organizer.

AJ’s focus area will be the Volunteers Beyond Belief program. You can reach her at  

Walker BristolWalker Bristol is a Tufts University undergraduate, originally from North Carolina, and currently abroad in the Alps. He studies religion and politics, and is the president of the Tufts Freethought Society. Although he spends the bulk of his time trying to turn ideas into words, Walker is dedicated to supporting social justice, income equality, and food security. Jack White has inspired him to use music as a means to realize those ends. He previously interned at the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard, and views storytelling and community building as utterly important elements of contemporary humanism. He believes wholeheartedly that Foundation Beyond Belief impeccably epitomizes service, the third essential jigsaw in the humanist worldview, and Walker is electrified to have the opportunity to put his values into action.

Walker’s focus area will be communications and marketing, and you can reach him at  

Please help us to welcome the summer intern team to Foundation Beyond Belief!