Name: Sarah Greer / The Greer Family

Location: Bethlehem, Georgia

Married for eleven years, my husband and I homeschool our three children, ages nine, five, and three. I blog about our adventures over at Raising Three Thinkers. We love all things science and technology, especially when they merge into the passions of our children: music, the oceans, and art.

How did you first hear about the Foundation? From Dale McGowan’s blog, The Meming of Life.

Why are you a member? For years we wanted to be part of something bigger than ourselves, but there were always too many worthy causes. We never felt like we could commit to just one or two things.  Foundation Beyond Belief gives us a chance to touch so many of the areas that are important to us, in any that we choose. Plus we want to show our support and promote non-theistic charitable giving.

Do you have some favorite cause categories? This has been the hardest part for us; we can’t decide how to split our monthly donation! So far, we’ve decided to support them all equally. But we love having the ability to adjust our contribution if a particular beneficiary resonates with us.

Any beneficiaries so far that particularly moved or interested you? This quarter, I was particularly happy to see Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s foundation in The Big Bang category. Reading her book Infidel was one of those defining moments in my life. She is such an inspiration, and I love being able to support her work in educating and fighting for the rights of Muslim women. As the mother of two young girls, I hope to pass along her incredible story of strength and courage.

As a family, we were also very pleased to see Marriage Equality USA as the Human Rights beneficiary for this quarter. It’s an issue close to our hearts as we have many dear friends and family that are being denied these basic civil rights.