Members approve Colorado wildfire crisis response


cofiresMany thanks to all those who responded to our rapid poll regarding the Colorado fire disaster. Responses ran 8-to-1 in favor of adding this event to our Humanist Crisis Response program.

Many of our members have seen the devastation firsthand or know people directly affected by the fires, and over three-quarters of those supporting this decision say they expect to donate themselves — one of the main factors we consider.

Every disaster event has a different profile and a unique set of needs. In Colorado, the most pressing need is not for food, shelter, or rescue, but for immediate support of the firefighting units themselves, many of whom are seriously underfunded and understaffed.

Several local funds have been established to support the current emergency needs of these firefighting units, as well as the extensive restoration efforts that will follow. We will support several of those local funds and expand as needed, possibly including other Western states.

To learn more and to donate, visit Humanist Crisis Response