Memorial Day of ACTION project ideas to benefit service members


logomaafWeek of Action was such a success, we’ve decided to have a Memorial Day of ACTION to support our troops! We’re partnering with the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers to provide nonbelievers with ideas and tips to support atheists and freethinkers in our military. The projects we’ve included benefit both the military at large and nontheist service members in particular, who can face discrimination and harassment because of their (non)beliefs and do not have the benefit of chaplains.

Memorial Day is a perfect time to show our appreciation of service members who protect our freedoms. Don’t just remember this Memorial Day, #choosetoACT. You can do something as simple as passing around a hat at a barbecue to collect donations for MAAF or collecting books for Operation Paperback. If you want something more involved, put together care packages, volunteer at your local VA or Military Hospital, or volunteer with your local unit!

If you #choosetoACT this Memorial Day, please register your events on the Week of Action website.