New app from Center for Biological Diversity offers engagement with conservation efforts



App is latest creative offering from our Environment beneficiary

The Center for Biological Diversity has released a new free app for Android mobile phones that allows users to find endangered animals and plants wherever they are (or anywhere in the United States) in just a few taps. “Species Finder” is the latest creative media project from the Center, which also provides hundreds of free ringtones featuring the calls and other sounds of endangered species.

“Species Finder is an incredible way to instantly connect with endangered species where you live or wherever you’re traveling,” said Peter Galvin, the Center’s conservation director. “More than 1,000 plants and animals are on the endangered species list — from butterflies and bears to birds and rare plants. This app lets you see which ones are close by and, hopefully, sparks an interest in their survival.”

“Species Finder” works through the Android phones’ GPS to call up a comprehensive list of all threatened and endangered species in whatever county users are passing through. There’s also a search option that brings up a list of species for any county in the United States. The app provides a species list for each county and each state, plus links for more information about each plant or animal.

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