November Awards for Team of the Month and Picture of the Month


We are happy to announce our November BBN Picture of the Month and Team of the Month winners. This month’s Picture of the Month winning picture is from Humanist Alliance Philippines, International’s (HAPI) haircut day event. People lined up very early to have their free haircut from three expert hairdressers. The haircuts where not just for good grooming. They people to save their hard earned money to be used for more important expenses like food and clothing.

When the Gigglebox folks called up November’s Team of the Month at last minute in need of help, Springfield Skeptics showed up in force! They packed boxes full of toys, puzzles, color pencils, whoopee cushions, and more. Once packed these boxes were loaded into the Gigglebus ready to be delivered to kids struggling with major health problems or abuse. When all was said and done the group ended up packing over 100 boxes in about an hour!