Springfield Skeptics Giggleboxes

November Beyond Belief Network Roundup


There was a lot to be thankful for in November. We are thankful for our Beyond Belief Network teams and all the hard work they put into helping others and making their communities great.

Springfield Skeptics stepped up when the Gigglebox folks called them up last minute in need of help. Springfield Skeptics showed up in force! They took some time out of their Saturday to pack boxes full of toys, puzzles, color pencils, whoopee cushions, and more. Once packed these boxes were loaded into the Gigglebus ready to be delivered to kids struggling with major health problems or abuse. When all was said and done the group ended up packing over 100 boxes in about an hour!  

Springfield Skeptics Giggleboxes

Springfield Skeptics’ monthly commitment at The Ronald McDonald House (RMH) is typically both a fun time and hard work. In November their RMH volunteer coordinator was prepared when they arrived on Sunday afternoon with a long list of daily maintenance things which needed to be done. They swept up leaves, picked up sidewalk trash, cleaned trash cans, wiped down pictures, vacuumed, looked for expired food in the fridge, and dried and put away dishes. All this work didn't stop them from joking around and having a good time though.

Springfield-Skeptics Ronald McDonald House

Springfield Skeptics got some great feedback from the kids that they served at the Thanksgiving Galaxgy Meal at The GLO Center. (Galaxgy is a youth outreach group for LGBTQQIAA people.) One kid said that Springfield Skeptics is their favorite group that serves them. Another said that they were trying to figure out why the food that night food tasted so much better than the Thanksgiving dinner their parents made. They decided it must be because Springfield Skeptics made this dinner with love.  

springfield skeptics galagxy meal

Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) held a HAPI Haircut Day to promote well-being and good-grooming. They had three expert hairdressers and barbers hired and people lined up very early to have their free haircut, which saved them their hard earned money to be used for more important expenses like food and clothing.

HAPI Haircuts

Kol Hadash took some time in November to prepare meals at a homeless shelter called PADS. PADS is providing advocacy, dignity, and shelter.


November was time for another blood donation event for Atheist Community of San Jose Even though three people had to cancel, they still had a good turnout and successful event.


Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) also donated blood in November at another of their Bleed-N-Feed event. Some donors gave one unit of whole blood while others did apheresis donating up to three units of platelets or two units of red blood cells. Donors become diners after as they headed to a nearby restaurant to replenish.

HCCO and Central Ohio United Non-Theists (COUNT) continued their monthly commitment to the Community Shelter Board (CBS) working as servers a total of 25 hours in November. Two serving lines were open (Family, Women’s) as the few staying in the Men’s dormitory were served from the kitchen. CSB provides housing and meals to homeless families and individual men and women in Central Ohio. Some volunteers serve dinners while others wash dishes, mop floors, file forms and clean tables. The teams wear COUNT/HCCO branded name tags to raise awareness that they are non-theists doing charity.

COUNT volunteers worked as housewarmers at Columbus Ronald McDonald House (RMH). RMH provides housing and meals to families with children being treated at Nationwide Childrens Hospital and other area hospitals. COUNT members also donated 63 crocheted hats to RMH.

Final results are in for COUNT’s 6th Annual Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) Benefit Dinner. 244 lbs of food were collected and $2,599.09 was raised for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. 140 diners enjoyed the noodley goodness. This fun-filled event featured craft beer, a bake sale, raffle, and silent auction of items donated by 30 area businesses and local artists/donors. Musician Alan Reed entertained diners and Camp Quest provided activities for children.

COUNT FSM Benefit Dinner

Thank you to all the good and hard work that BBN teams do to contribute to the benefit and process of their communities and neighbors. Keep up the good work!