Now accepting applications for Volunteers “expansion teams”


vbbbadgeVolunteers Beyond Belief is now accepting local group applications to join our nationwide network of over 1500 humanist volunteers.

The Volunteers Beyond Belief program leverages the existing efforts of nontheist groups to build a supportive framework for humanist volunteering. Since we nontheists believe there is no supernatural power to take care of us, we’re a natural fit for compassionate volunteering.

When organizations in the nontheist community work together, we can achieve our shared goals more efficiently. The VBB program is dedicated to assisting local groups in their volunteering efforts and promotes cooperation between groups, allowing the compassion and generosity of nontheists to be more organized and effective.

As we develop the VBB program, we hope to encourage cooperation and sharing of ideas between Teams with various levels of experience. We also plan to encourage healthy competition between the Teams by holding contests and awarding prizes.

Benefits provided by VBB include:

  • Assistance finding local volunteer opportunities
  • Help maintaining a regular volunteering schedule
  • Volunteers Beyond Belief logowear with option to add group logo
  • Access to useful tools including a database of volunteering ideas/resources
  • Access to VBB blog and Twitter account to communicate Team activities
  • National exposure for local efforts
  • Additional benefits as the VBB program continues to develop and expand!

Applicants must:

  • Be established groups with a humanist or related identity
  • Commit to a regular volunteering schedule (at least once every six weeks)
  • Commit to a full year in the program
  • Provide VBB with event statistics such as # volunteers, # hours, etc.
  • Submit a minimum of one blog entry per event for posting on the Volunteers Beyond Belief blog


Click here to fill out the application form by Sunday, September 18. New Teams will be notified by October 1st.  Please e-mail Amanda with any questions!