Our first Helping Hands nominee: Helping a struggling veteran and his family


Last week, Foundation Beyond Belief launched Helping Hands, an initiative of our Beyond Belief Network to use Foundation Beyond Belief’s network of secular humanist teams, fantastic charities, and social media presence to help atheists in need of a helping hand.

This week, just in time for Independence Day, we introduce our first nominee, Richard, and his family. Richard and his wife live in Columbus, Ohio, with their two children, ages 12 and 4.

Richard served in the military, in both the Ohio National Guard and the Army Reserve. He is disabled from a severe nerve injury similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but in his foot. and then severe damage to the nerve. He also has uncontrolled asthma, exacerbated by a case of severe bronchitis. He cannot afford the medications that could help.

Richard is in the process of setting up a Modest Needs account. Modest Needs was a featured beneficiary earlier this year; they specialize in awarding grants to individuals and families who need small amounts of short-term emergency funds.He is also awaiting the results of his appeal to receive Social Security Disability benefits.

Richard and his family are in greatest need of food and gas. Gift cards to Meijer and Giant Eagle would be of greatest benefit to them. The Humanist Community of Central Ohio and JT Eberhard, who blogs at What Would JT Do?, have also agreed to help. If you are interested in helping Richard, please email Beyond Belief Network Coordinator Brittany Shoots-Reinhard.