LibertytorchBeginning Jan 1, the Foundation will highlight ten charitable organizations per quarter. Between now and then, we’ll gradually introduce you to our first slate.

Today we are proud to introduce the BERGEN COUNTY SANCTUARY COMMITTEE as our ninth announced beneficiary and the first in the HUMAN RIGHTS category for the first quarter of 2010.

The Bergen County Sanctuary Committee serves as a sponsor organization for people who have applied for political asylum in the US, providing humanitarian support and advocacy.

BCSC is a model community-based alternative to detention. It is a coalition of religious and humanist communities, human rights organizations, and other groups and individuals in the Greater New York City area who provide support and services for asylum seekers who are released from detention.

BCSC is the only organization of its kind operating in the New York area.

The beneficiaries for the first quarter of 2010 have been selected by the Foundation Board. Active members can help us choose future beneficiaries by researching and nominating charities and (beginning Jan 1) by discussing, debating, and advocating for the causes of their choice through our social network. Final decisions will be made by the Board, but collective member input will be among the most important considerations.

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