Pathfinders Diary: Comparative religion at Kasese Humanist Primary School


By Sarah Henry

The Pathfinders are now well into their stay in Uganda, working and teaching at Kasese Humanist Primary School.

While Conor, Michelle, Ben, and Wendy’s living conditions are less than what many of us might consider ideal, the school itself is a humanist island in this predominantly Christian nation. Kasese Humanist Primary School is one of few secular schools in Uganda, and as such has garnered the support of Atheist Alliance International, the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, and the Secular Student Alliance, among others. KHPS has big plans for permanent homes and new campuses, backed by the Kasese United Humanist Association.

However, even in this secular school, students in comparative religion class know only of Christianity and Islam. When Wendy began to introduce new religions, her students were shocked by the notion of polytheism and amazed to learn of a major Baha’i temple in their own capital city. Having Wendy teach comparative religions offers upper-level student the opportunity to learn about world religions and their practices, without limiting concepts to those two major religions practiced in their home country of Uganda.

Of course, the Pathfinders are having amazing experiences in every place they visit, and Uganda is no exception. Over the weekend, they traveled on safari with staff from KHPS. Wendy took some amazing pictures, putting us right in the thick of the flora and fauna of Uganda.

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