Pathfinders Diary: In Minca, the classroom isn’t restricted by walls


By Liz Moody

The Pathfinders are hard at work in Minca, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. They have been working at a school in Montecristo, about a fifty-minute hike from Minca. The school has about twenty students ranging in age from 5 to 14, in one classroom, and, prior to the arrival of the Pathfinders, with one teacher. Education is an important component of the Pathfinders’ work in Colombia, and they are lending a hand both inside and outside the classroom.

As space is limited in the tiny schoolroom, the Pathfinders took the older students outside for, fittingly, a lesson about respecting nature.

Hands-on experience not only makes lessons memorable, but helps students better grasp the material. The Pathfinders are helping to build a composter for the school’s use.

Ben was digging so enthusiastically, he broke a shovel!

Students will then be able to use their compost in the new seedbed, putting into practice what they have learned in class.

The raised seedbed is made out of bamboo.

Of course, it is always important to get the word out. A mural is an eye-catching way to alert people to what Misión Gaia is up to.

Stay tuned for more Pathfinders adventures in Colombia. To support their work promoting sustainable development in Minca, check out