Pathfinders Diary: Race relations in Uganda


By Sarah HenryPathfinders Project

As the Pathfinders are transitioning into the next phase of their journey, Ghana, Wendy shares a reflection on their time in Uganda. She takes a look at race relation in Uganda — not just at the common conception of whites against blacks, but at the tension between Indians and Ugandan Africans.  Her post is a great reminder of the dangers of stereotyping an entire group of people with one sweeping generalization:

This man told us point blank that Indians are selfish. They keep to themselves and try to take all of Uganda’s money for themselves. He tried to make a compliment to us by comparing us to Indians.  Whites are interested in sitting down with Africans. Whites want to meet with Africans and make friends with them. When we asked what would happen if Indians came into this “bar” looking to sit down with us what would happen. The man rejected the idea outright.  He said, “Would never happen.” But, we prodded, just pretending that it did happen, hypothetically, what would happen?  This man would not play the game. “An Indian would not come,” he said. Maybe the Indian would not come, but it sounds to me like the Indian is not welcome. 

As Conor, Wendy, Ben, and Michelle move on to their next nation, sure to bring new lessons, new challenges, and amazing stories, experience Uganda through Wendy’s camera lens.

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