Pathfinders Diary: Saying goodbye to Cambodia


Pathfinders ProjectBy Sarah Henry

Our Pathfinders have moved from Cambodia to Uganda, and with the move comes a new adventure for Conor, Wendy, Ben, and Michelle.

Moving on to Uganda brings the regret of leaving Cambodia as the Pathfinders reflect on the things they’ve learned and the experiences they have shared with the local communities. Wendy will be leaving behind a new bond with the children of Cambodia:

“Cambodians do not raise their hands as we in the West do. They raise their pointer fingers, much as we do to declare, “I am number 1!” At first I was confused by the student’s need to so adamantly affirm themselves to me. I had to laugh at myself when I realized my mistake. I will miss this gesture. We taught the kids to high five and I will miss the 40 tiny high fives I received at the end of each day and the many shy giggles as they scampered away after.”

Pathfinders ProjectConor, the Pathfinders Project director, has changed his entire diet to experience this journey. He recounts the novel (and slightly gross!) experience of eating the remnants of chicken bones, fried frogs, and even eels. Food in Cambodia is a bonding and familial experience, and a way for the citizens of Siem Reap and Kampong Thom to give back to the Pathfinders. 

Ben and Michelle are soaking the experiences in, continuing to learn about culture and how best to help others, all while providing a learning opportunity for children who might not have had the same chance otherwise. Ben shared in local Cambodian culture by learning how to count in Khmer.

You can follow the Pathfinders’ journey on their website, and support the project through their fundraising page.