Phoenix atheist lives without shelter to raise awareness about homelessness


Seráh Blain, member of the Secular Coalition for Arizona and Flagstaff Freethinkers, has taken drastic measures to bring awareness to the problem of chronic homelessness. In a project undertaken in collaboration with Beyond Belief Network team Flagstaff Freethinkers, Blain will live on the streets of Phoenix until she raises $56,310—just $2 for every person who was homeless last year in Phoenix. Blain plans to use the money raised to benefit the Madison Street Veteran’s Association, which is at risk of losing funding for its women’s shelter.

As of August 23, Blain has raised $1,500, and she will not return home until she has raised the full amount of her goal. For more information, or to donate money, click here. You can also follow’s Seráh’s blog about her experiences here.

We will be following Seráh's progress and sharing updates about her project. If your local humanist group has its own inspiring project, or if you're new to volunteering and could use some advice and assistance, join FBB’s Beyond Belief Network. BBN staff is available to assist teams in finding volunteer opportunities and in committing to a regular schedule of volunteer events, making hands-on volunteering a major part of their groups' activity and identity.