Pikes Peak Atheists/Pikes Peak Atheist Families hosting first volunteer day event


Pikes Peak Atheists/Pikes Peak Atheist Families in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are having their first volunteer day event! It will be at Black Forest Animal Sanctuary on Sunday, July 27, 2014. This is the final event of this month’s charity drive, and it’s sure to be a blast!

Individuals and families in or near Colorado Springs are encouraged to attend. For families with children younger than age six, Pikes Peak Atheists are willing to offer child care. More details will be provided on this. The Black Forest Animal Sanctuary will have tasks suitable for each individual’s ability and age. These tasks include fence building, stall cleaning, brushing ponies, and walking dogs.

If interested, please contact Crystal Starkey. Please provide a brief description of your party’s age and abilities. This information will only be used to assess what tasks will be assigned and how much experienced volunteer help the Black Forest Animal Sanctuary will need to provide. Please also include whether your party intends to bring children under age six and if you would like childcare for them.

Take a few hours to volunteer in the community, make some great family memories, and help a worthy cause!