Plan your team’s climate change service event


350.orgOur current Natural World beneficiary,, provides resources and information to facilitate the development of a worldwide climate change movement. You can read about all the great work they do on the FBB blog.

Beyond Belief Network staff were extremely impressed with all of the event ideas and resources they provide for local groups to join the climate change movement. We’ve compiled a guide to joining the local climate change movement through Most of the event ideas involve educating your community about climate change or energy conservation; additional ideas include getting involved with local politics. Best of all, the ideas do not require asking your team for money, and you don’t need a lot of money for the events, either.

Make sure to tell us about your event, and if your team hasn’t already joined Beyond Belief Network, join today! We’ll help your local group find and plan service events and give you recognition and rewards for helping your community. If you can, plan an event for the last week in April, and register it on our Week of Action website so we can show the world the good that humanists do.