Population Connection gathers activists at their annual Capitol Hill Days


Population ConnectionCurrent Natural World beneficiary Population Connection sends this report from their annual advocacy weekend, Capitol Hill Days. Population Connection educates young people about unsustainable population growth, informs constituents across the country about their congressional representatives’ stances on population growth and family planning, and works directly with Congress and the White House to inform family planning policy and funding levels. 

Population Connection Capitol Hill DaysEach spring, more than 100 enthusiastic and motivated Population Connection activists arrive in Washington DC for our annual advocacy weekend, Capitol Hill Days. The weekend consists of renowned speakers, advocacy training, and interactive informational sessions, culminating in lobby visits on Capitol Hill. Throughout the event, participants get the unique opportunity not only to gain insight into the important issues of women’s empowerment and global family planning, but to lobby their representatives directly on behalf of sound family planning policy and increased international family planning assistance. 

Capitol Hill Days has made a profound impact on many of our participants, some of whom were previously unaware of population issues. Lehigh student Karina Licea describes the experience as nothing short of life-changing: 

“It really opened my eyes about issues that I was so uninformed about beforehand. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was a life-changing experience, and hopefully one that will help me change other lives later on.… I’m really excited to share what I learned through Population Connection.” 

Every year, we are encouraged and humbled by the dedication that these young activists bring to our cause. Capitol Hill Days is a wonderful way to educate and inspire the next generation of population activists as we continue to fight for a sustainable and healthy global population.