Population Connection holds education workshops for future teachers


Population ConnectionCurrent Natural World beneficiary Population Connection sends this report about their recent Population Education workshops in the Boston area. Population Connection educates young people about unsustainable population growth, informs constituents across the country about their congressional representatives’ stances on population growth and family planning, and works directly with Congress and the White House to inform family planning policy and funding levels.

Population Connection Carol BlieseOur Population Education department recently had a very successful trip to the Boston area. Over the course of the week, we facilitated Population Education workshops for future teachers at Tufts University, Fitchburg State University, Salem State University, and Providence College. We presented a total of ten workshops and had fantastic feedback from both the students and professors. After a workshop in her elementary social studies methods class, one student reflected that, “The activities and ways she taught us to teach were so engaging (even to us). Children are our future leaders. It is important they are educated on every aspect of what our planet may be like when they’re in college or having children. They are the ones who will be dealing with it all, so why not give them the time to reflect and take action at a younger age.” A professor at Tufts University noted that for his students, “Having the chance to do some activities about teaching and social justice, the things that brought them to teaching, reenergized them and reminded them of the big picture.” All in all, it was a highly impactful trip. With our annual Leadership Institute taking place in Beverly, MA, this summer, we expect that our program will continue to thrive in the Boston area!