Hear the Real Deal w/ Haiti for Secular Week of Action!


Despite the seriousness of the situation and the danger leaders are facing, GO Humanity’s two GO Teams in Haiti are hard at work improving their communities. 

MOJELIP Haiti (a French acronym that translates to Youth Movement for Freethought in Haiti) and FanmViktim (Women Viktims) are meeting emergency needs, organizing women to combat growing violence, spreading the optimism of humanism, and implementing long-term self-reliance projects. 

For our Secular Week of Action event on Saturday, May 6 – 4PM Eastern, GO Humanity is highlighting the work of these teams and celebrating their organizers. 

Outside nonprofits tend to keep the bulk of donated funds inside their own economies.* Our GO Teams put every cent toward improving conditions in Haiti – based on the priorities their own communities set. The support you give to GO Teams in Haiti stays in Haiti!

Billy Almoza, founder of MOJELIP Haiti, will talk with us about the growth of Humanism in Haiti, the challenges the teams face, and how you can help! 

A suggested donation for tickets is $15 which goes straight to the GO Teams in Haiti. Pay what you can, or just show your support by popping in.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, be inspired, and get the word about a complex situation straight from the people.


Saturday, May 6 – 4PM Eastern

Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81647275927?pwd=bVdZdm1JVmh2cWNnOWhsTCs5a3lPZz09 

Donate: gohumanity.world/haiti

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*(in the form of salaries to aid workers rather than Haitians; outside contractors; building materials; publicity; foreign-owned industry that sends cheap goods and profits abroad rather than compensating Haitian workers with a living wage, etc.)