Reflecting on the recent tragedy in Newtown


The humanist members and staff of Foundation Beyond Belief join with people around the world in grieving the tragic loss of life in the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting on December 14. Our hearts go out to those whose lives will never be the same after this unimaginably cruel event.

Though never complete, the healing that takes place for the victims of this event will be made possible by the embrace of a compassionate human community. We hope that the pain and outrage of this moment will give rise to a reasoned, courageous, and long-overdue national conversation about how best to prevent the violent tragedies that have become so depressingly familiar in American life. 

Because humanists believe that this is our one and only life, our commitment to protecting that life is among our most precious values. For this reason, we at FBB hope and expect that the humanist voice will be a prominent one in the difficult conversation ahead.