REPORT FROM KATHMANDU: Humanism at work in Nepal


Foundation members help save Nepali children’s home on the brink

Twenty-two children from the poorest areas of Nepal are housed at the Orphan Welfare Center in Kathmandu. When the owners ran out of funds, the home was threatened with eviction and the children were withdrawn from school for want of nominal tuition fees. Soon money ran out as well for clothing and food.

“The 22 children are currently crammed into a crummy three bedroom flat,” said Scott MacLennan, executive director of third quarter beneficiary The Mountain Fund. “We found a donor to move them into a beautiful five-bedroom home, but we still didn’t have funds to cover the daily needs of the kids. Then Foundation Beyond Belief came along, and we can pay for food and new clothing for the kids and re-enroll them in school.”

Most of the children in the home are “economic orphans” whose parents are still living but are unable to care for them. They are from the three most impoverished districts in Nepal, the poorest country in South Asia, with a median per capita income of less than $400 per year.

“These are the poorest of the poor,” said Scott. “Your support will help us to feed, clothe, and educate these kids. I wasn’t sure where I would get funds for this until your organization came into the picture. Thank you so much for this!”

Mountain Fund will keep us informed on the progress of the home, including additional pictures and updates. 

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