Today, we're asking you to resolve with us.

What does that mean?

Resolution means determination. Each year, we resolve to try harder, do better, give more. It’s the strength of character found in volunteers with each of FBB’s programs, who work harder every year to empower communities impacted by poverty or disaster, climate change or human rights abuses.

April 2018 HDR Houston Deployment: FBB volunteer team members demolishing at Rhodes School

Resolutions are solutions to problems— our goal when we help repair the damage of centuries-long injustices; when we fund innovative, science-based solutions to crises in the natural world; or when we rebuild a single disaster-stricken house.

Pueblo a Pueblo beekeeping
A resolution is a satisfying musical denouement the moment when dissonance progresses into harmony. It's the music we hear when players from across the nonreligious spectrum symphonize to the tune of compassionate action; and when voices that have long been silenced due to inequities based on race, identity, or class are amplified in a the global chorus.


A resolution is usually the end of a story. But Humanism at Work is a story constantly in progress, written every moment by authors like yourself.


As our 10th Anniversary year comes to its resolution, we're asking you to continue FBB's story.  Please invest in our Annual Appeal—the end-of-year fundraising campaign that will infuse Foundation Beyond Belief with the resources necessary to operate in 2020.

If you give now, your gift could be matched twice. This astounding decennial gesture comes courtesy of a longtime FBB supporter who has resolved to match all gifts (under $1,000) given by first-time Annual Appeal donors. Not only that, he’ll request a match from his employer to double your gift again. The match continues until we reach our first $5,000.

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Locally and around the world, there is nothing humanists cannot accomplish when they unite. Please resolve with us today to support the very best of what humanity can do.