Responsible Charity opens secular school in Kolkata


Responsible CharityFoundation Beyond Belief members gave $3,120 to Responsible Charity in 2011 as the third-quarter Poverty beneficiary. Responsible Charity works to educate children and eradicate poverty in India. They provide classes, rebuild and repair homes, assist with medical needs, and make micro-loans. The money FBB members provided was earmarked for their fund to build their first center in Kolkata. Responsible Charity shared the following on Facebook:

After two and half years of working in the slums and on the ground, fundraising, pleading, negotiating and establishing relationships in India and globally, we were finally able to sign a lease on a space to open our first secular school and center for children and their families living in poverty in Kolkata.

This is one major step for our small NGO and one we couldn’t have taken without the support of many compassionate supporters from all walks of life and around the world.

June 1st, 2013 marks the continuation of a movement that started with one simple goal: To provide education to children in the slums of India and empower women and men to overcome poverty.

To everyone who has supported us from the very beginning, along the way and, perhaps even starting today: THANK YOU and NAMASTE!

Responsible Charity Kolkata center

They used the money from the grant to purchase school supplies. Pictured here is the founder of Responsible Charity, Hemley Gonzalez. Gonzalez founded Responsible Charity after firsthand experience with the appalling conditions at Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. His experiences highlight the importance of transparency regarding program effectiveness and fiscal responsibility. Learn more about Responsible Charity here.