Responsible Charity Plans to Build a School in the Slums of Kolkata


Third-quarter poverty beneficiary Responsible Charity gave us this report about how they are using the funds contributed by members of Foundation Beyond Belief. Members donated $3,120 to Responsible Charity last quarter.

Dear Foundation Beyond Belief,

Thank you for your donation to Responsible Charity, Corp! Your donation will be applied towards our work with the children, women, and men of the Park Circus slum in Kolkata, India.

The bulk of it has have been deposited toward our school fund — we’re building our first center in the slums of Kolkata. We need to open a school to eliminate many of the challenges we currently face in the slums. As of today, we’ve been able to place 11 children in two schools in the area, but it has not been without difficulties and many rejections. We now need to take control of the situation and give more children a place where they are welcome regardless of their caste and prepare them to enter higher education schools.

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Hemley Gonzalez
Founder, Responsible Charity