Roots of Development uses FBB support to fund two community business initiatives


First-quarter 2012 poverty & health beneficiary Roots of Development gave us this report about how they are using the funds contributed by members of Foundation Beyond Belief. Members donated $7,405 to Roots of Development last quarter.

To the members of Foundation Beyond Belief who contributed to our organization:

It was great getting the news that FBB had raised so much for our organization this quarter. Not only do we have several exciting projects in need of funding right now, but as one of just a handful of secular organizations working in Haiti, this support is particularly special for us. Throughout my seven years working in Haiti, I have come across many individuals and organizations carrying out charitable work in the name of many things besides the people they are actually supposed to be supporting. I have found that when cultures clash and problems arise, the individuals and organizations working for “a higher power” ignore the demands of the people and continue bulldozing through the issues in the name of their higher power, instead of putting the people first and listening to theirs ideas and advice. I appreciate you recognizing our work as unique and totally people (community) driven. The funds you have raised for us over this past quarter will support two community business initiatives that will create jobs and bring revenue into the communities we work with. One of the businesses is with a local women’s group that will buy products such as flour, sugar, rice, matches, and soap in Port-au-Prince and resell them to bring in funds that will support and maintain an education initiative. The other is a concrete block and construction material business that will be started by a local community association we work with. Both initiatives will help the two groups fund new projects, maintain past projects, and gain greater overall independence. Thank you very much for your support. We hope you stay in touch and continue to follow our progress. 


Chad W. Bissonnette
Executive Director