September Beyond Belief Network Winners!


Beyond Belief Network is a collective of over 125 humanist, atheist, and other non-believing organizations putting compassionate humanism into action through community volunteering and charitable fundraising. Each month we round up the previous month’s activities and award the top performers. Let’s see what secular volunteers crushed it in September!

Team of the Month

September’s Team of the Month is Pikes Peak Atheists & Pikes Peak Atheist Families (PPA). PPA had a successful school drive for One Nation Walking Together, which strives to make a positive impact in the lives of Native Americans. They collected more than 1,000 items that include hundreds of pens, pencils, notebooks, rulers, erasers, protractors, masks, feminine hygiene items, and calculators. Great job Pikes Peak Atheists & Pikes Peak Atheist Families!

Picture of the Month

A secular voluteer from Center for Inquiry Michigan picks up somem trash at the Grand River

Picture of the Month (above) comes from Center for Inquiry: Michigan (CFI-MI). CFI-MI members joined the mayor’s annual Grand River Clean Up, a park beautification project sponsored by the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC). CFI-MI got trash bags and gloves from WMEAC, then picked a spot along the Grand River to remove any objects they found. This included plastic bags, broken glass, cigarette butts, cans and bottles, pieces of metal and PVC, articles of clothing, and food containers.
Usually this event brings in hundreds of people who hear from the mayor, then board buses taking them to spots where trash needs to be removed. This year there was no large meeting, no buses, and everyone picked their own spots to work. The event was also scheduled for a whole week, rather than a few hours, to keep people spread out and allow them to work where it was convenient for their group. CFI-MI thought that by choosing a morning time on the first day of the event at a spot that needed some serious attention, that they were guaranteed a successful event. Unfortunately, the mayor herself and her team beat them to that spot! But CFI-MI volunteers quickly regrouped and went to the opposite end of that park where they found plenty of trash. Sounds like a great event despite the hiccups! Thank you CFI-MI!

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