Seráh Blain: Seeking shelter


By Sarah Henry

Unfortunately, Seráh Blain’s incredible effort to live on the streets of Phoenix until she raised $56,310 has drawn to a close. Preexisting health problems, which have only been made worse by this experience, are forcing Seráh to suspend the “Blistering at the Margins” project.

In more than 20 days of living with the homeless, Seráh has experienced a world entirely different from what most of us know. She has met and bonded with new communities of amazing and inspiring people, and experienced the emotional breakdowns, physical ailments, and day-to-day struggle to procure much-needed supplies that the homeless deal with routinely.

This project was eye-opening for those who followed it, and has raised awareness of not only Seráh’s main cause (the Madison Street Veteran’s Association), but the plight of homelessness, and the different ways that our society can try to combat this preventable problem.

Although Seráh is no longer living on the streets, she is still raising money for her cause. Foundation Beyond Belief has awarded Seráh Blain’s “Blistering at the Margins” project a $500 grants in order to help keep the Madison Street Veteran’s Association’s women’s shelter running. Representative Mark Cardenas (D-Phoenix) has pledged to help keep the project alive in Seráh’s forced absence, and we can be assured that the fight to end homelessness will continue.