Straydog Uses FBB Donation to Care for Unexpected New Residents


Second-quarter animal protection beneficiary Straydog gave us this report about how they are using the funds contributed by members of Foundation Beyond Belief. Members donated $2,520 to Straydog last quarter.

Dear Foundation Beyond Belief,

Your generous donation to Straydog, our no-kill shelter/sanctuary, was received on July 11, and on July 12 we were surprised to find seven starving, flea-ridden little puppies not more than four weeks old, dumped on our property in a crate. Our manager, Juana, quickly bathed the poor puppies and put them in a quarantine spot before our scheduled home visits for adoptions for three of our other Straydog residents this day. All the home visits went well, and the three doggies found their individual forever homes, but that still put our population at +4 dogs on July 12th!

Your donation has helped and will continue helping with the veterinary care for these new puppies. They’ve had their shots, been wormed, and have received their needed eye medicines. All are thriving now. Even the blind one gets around with his siblings as if he were not handicapped. Soon it will be time for their spay and neuter surgeries, and we are very thankful that your donation can help provide this for us.

Your donation also provided our annual vaccinations for our whole shelter! We got a huge discount on the vaccinations from our mobile veterinarian, and she came to our shelter to vaccinate our entire population in late July. This cost was approximately $1,100, and we are so grateful that this protection for our dogs has been taken care of due to your support!

Our cost for basic food supplies for our dogs is close to $1,000 per week, and your donation helped to provide another week of nutrition for our furry friends. We need to get several different kinds of food for the varying diets the dogs are on, and sometimes even purchasing these weekly basics can be a struggle. We are so appreciative for the funds from FBB to help us with our basic supplies for the dogs.

From the bottoms of our hearts we thank you again for providing for our seven newest puppy rescues, for our basic food supplies for the dogs, and for funding the annual vaccination protection for our dogs!

  • Cost of annual vaccinations for all SD rescues: approximately $1,100
  • Weekly dog food supplies: $1,000
  • Seven orphans’ new arrival checkups, antibiotics, eye medicines, and wormer: $300
  • Remainder of donation will be used toward the spay and neuter of seven orphans

Kindest regards and many thanks from everyone at Straydog,
Erin Arnold Johnson