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The Humanist Experience is a unique podcast where we educate our emotions and expand our world by living radical experiences.

Our podcast follows the cross-country voyage of Evan and Seráh: activists, journalists, and Humanists—as they are placed in a variety of situations where they report on cultural ugliness, strange beauty, and their own personal fears. Evan and Seráh dive compassionately, curiously, and bravely into obscured lifestyles across America—and into themselves.

Our commitment to social change motivates us to look for ways to effectively connect people to contemporary issues and persuade them to become changemakers. Our podcast uses experiential learning and storytelling to provide insight and inspiration for engaging positively in the world around us.

We don’t just report on the story: we live it, and bring you perspectives on life in a different pair of shoes.

Thank you for contributing to The Humanist Experience!

The podcast is a cross-country, highly produced journalistic experiment that costs more than your typical podcast. Our typical episode budget is about $2,000 each, which pays for:

  • Interstate (and soon international) travel costs, including fuel, lodging, meals, airfare, event costs, and more.
  • Professional field support: enlisting the help of recording professionals, web professionals, and other contractors when away from our base of operations
  • Operational costs, including web and software subscriptions, music licensing, contractor salaries, and studio rental

Anything we raise beyond our monthly expenses goes right back into the program in the form of upgrades to our professional equipment: better mics, better cameras, and saving toward adding a video component to the program. You’ll also help us build toward more ambitious Humanist adventures!

On-air sponsorship opportunities are also available! Please email for inquiries.