We’re Coordinating Secular Week of Action Again!


FBB is thrilled to announce we are once again spearheading Secular Week of Action April 29th — May 8th!

Every year, the secular movement comes together to improve our communities and provide a relevant alternative to the National Day of Prayer (May 5, 2022). We spend a whole week organizing service projects and volunteering as individuals—increasing the visibility of our groups and making a difference. The idea is that prayer alone is not enough. If we are going to have meaningful change, we need meaningful action.

This year, we’re in the midst of a housing crisis where rents are increasing as much as 40% in some metro areas. Eviction rates and homelessness are national emergencies that need to be addressed with action rather than positive vibes. Because of this, our theme for 2022 will be “Taking Action for Unhoused People,” but any service event promoting positive change will be celebrated and promoted.

Groups and individuals across the country and the world will be involved, and not only secularly identified groups will be participating. The goal of this event is to increase impact and action and anyone can contribute to that!

Interested in participating? Here are some steps to get you started!

If you have any questions, we happy to answer them. Let us know how we can help! Don’t hesitate to reach out for support.