Beneficiary guest blog: Everybody Solar

Over the past few decades, global climate change has demonstrated dramatic effects on the environment and local populations, at an increasing rate. Scientists are predicting increases in the frequency and severity of major catastrophes, including: flooding, hurricanes, drought, and more. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “Scientists have high confidence that global temperatures…

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Nexleaf Analytics utilizes technology for global good

Nexleaf people in circle for stove training HG Mar 2018

Globally, 5 billion people now have access to mobile technology. This technology is more than just a means of easy communication – it’s a way to gain access to information and to generate critical development. Even in rural areas lacking basic infrastructure like running water and electricity, many communities are using mobile technology to improve…

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EcoViva: Mangrove Restoration Beginning to Bear Fruit

EcoViva Satellite Images 2010 2015 2017 Humanist Grants

Sometimes, the best way to progress is to help nature do what it does best. This seems to be the case for a once-barren 120-acre piece of land surrounded by lush mangrove forests in El Salvador. Mangrove forests provide a vast array of valuable ecosystem services and play a critical role in climate change mitigation…

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