Welcome 1st Quarter Grantees!

This is our last quarter offering a slate of four quarterly grantees before transitioning into to our bigger, bolder Compassionate Impact Grant program*. So we’ve decided to send the quarterly grant program off in style by giving to four powerhouse organizations you’ve helped us support in previous years! This quarter, the power of humanist giving…

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EcoViva: The top five reasons we must fight to protect mangrove ecosystems

EcoViva is a multiple-time recipient of our Humanist Grants program. They received a quarterly Humanist Grant in 2015, a game-changing Compassionate Impact Grant in 2017, and are our current Natural World grantee for Q1 2021. These grants support their community-based approach to mangrove restoration and preservation in El Salvador. The team at Foundation Beyond Belief…

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Beneficiary blog: EcoViva discusses potential water threat

EcoViva Water Threat protest privatization March 2019

  A threat to water anywhere is a threat to water everywhere   "…members of El Salvador’s National Assembly moved one step closer to passing a controversial law that would privatize water in the country. A majority in the Environmental Committee voted to create a regulatory body that consist of seven entities, three that represent…

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EcoViva: how politics can impact the work

EcoViva, El Salvador Elections

Read this recent blog from our beneficiary partner, EcoViva, about how politics can affect the work we do. Many factors beyond our control affect service work, but we adapt. We continue to work for the communities in which we are invested. And, #HumanismAtWork is a powerful thing.

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Announcing new slate of beneficiaries

Welcome to 2019 and welcome to our new slate of Humanist Grant beneficiaries! We are thrilled to announce the four organizations that we will be supporting in Q1. We are excited by the work they are doing and our ongoing partnerships with these organizations.   Poverty and Health: The Tandana Foundation, our 2018 Compassionate Impact Grant recipient, works in Ecuador…

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EcoViva: Mangrove Restoration Beginning to Bear Fruit

EcoViva Satellite Images 2010 2015 2017 Humanist Grants

Sometimes, the best way to progress is to help nature do what it does best. This seems to be the case for a once-barren 120-acre piece of land surrounded by lush mangrove forests in El Salvador. Mangrove forests provide a vast array of valuable ecosystem services and play a critical role in climate change mitigation…

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FBB announces newest slate of beneficiaries

Foundation Beyond Belief’s Humanist Giving Program presents our first quarter 2018 beneficiaries. At the beginning of 2016, we made a commitment to particular beneficiaries to give an initial grant, and then a potential renewable grant later on in order to show a longer-term commitment, supply steady grant income, and to develop long-term relationships with beneficiaries…

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FBB fosters collaborative relationships with beneficiaries

Landscape banner photo of young girl students with backpacks, smiling and talking - Starfish One by One Humanist grants beneficiary

As a volunteer for Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB), it’s often my privilege to sing the praises of our amazing Humanist Grants beneficiaries. Our beneficiaries are, indeed, fabulous, and they do great work. We like to keep you, our supporters and donors, informed about what our partners are working on, so you can see how your…

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EcoViva’s Community Management of Mangroves Receives Compassionate Impact Grant Funding

Men canoe past mangroves

Foundation Beyond Belief usually chooses four beneficiaries to receive grants each quarter, but one quarter a year we feature a single, game-changing grant for one innovative organization. The Compassionate Impact Grant Program is an open, competitive process intended to identify organizations with projects that are innovative, evidence-based, and solve community problems. Foundation Beyond Belief is…

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EcoViva efforts continue positive impact on native environments

In the past year, EcoViva has made great strides in advancing our goals of protecting critical mangrove habitat in El Salvador, raising people’s standard of living, and promoting community and civic participation. Mangrove forests provide a critical refuge for biodiversity and serve as nurseries for commercially important juvenile fish. Restoring degraded mangrove areas creates suitable…

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