SkyTruth: Using Satellites to Protect the Planet

SkyTruth aerial photo of tankers trying to put of flames after Deepwater Horizon explosion, billowing black smoke plumes over oil rig explosion

SkyTruth uses satellite imagery and other technology to protect the environment. They identify and monitor threats in order to make environmental concerns more visible and motivate people to take action to protect the planet. Skytruth’s innovative use of federal data and satellite imagery gives activists and legislators what they need to enforce existing laws and…

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SkyTruth gives new view in the fight for the environment

The uncertain future of the coal industry has been a central figure in the media’s portrayal of the political turmoil disrupting a large swath of the United States. So too has the uncertain future of environmental policy that protects the land in coal-rich regions. It’s never been more important to be able to take a…

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Humanist Grants present evidence-based solutions in new beneficiaries

Foundation Beyond Belief’s Humanist Grants program chose four beneficiaries this quarter that highlight the use of evidence-based solutions in their methodology. Our new Poverty and Health beneficiary, World Bicycle Relief, lives by the motto, “Do it right, even if it takes a little longer,” which is why they used a long pilot period to test…

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