Past grantee update: Tandana Foundation


A couple weeks ago, we checked in to see how some past Humanist Grant recipients were doing. One of these organizations was Tandana Foundation, which works in Ecuador and Mali to support local community initiatives related to education, health, food security, water resources, environmental conservation, and income generation.

One of Tandana’s projects is a literacy school for young mothers in Mali. During our check-in, Tandana’s representative let us know how how the program is faring during COVID-19, and had some wonderful  stories about how women in their programs are becoming more empowered! Watch the full video below.

Tandana also sent us an update to let us know that 225 out of 294 literacy class students who took their final exam in test earned passing scores, which is 76.5%. This is slightly lower than their goal of 80% but is still quite impressive considering that they missed two months of classes due to the pandemic. Despite the challenges of this year, both the students and teachers rallied to make the classes as successful as possible.

100 of the best students will have an opportunity to participate in women’s leadership workshops in 2021, which are ready to begin now!

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