Assembly of Hygiene Kits for People Experiencing Homelessness

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This event has already passed. Visit Atheists Helping the Homeless DC–Helping People Without Homes to find upcoming events.
WHEN: 01/07/2023@12:00pm - WHERE: 19823 Larentia Drive, Germantown, MD 20874
We will gather to assemble Hygiene Kits that will be distributed to people experiencing homelessness. The kits are designed to be carryable because our clients generally walk everywhere they go. They cannot leave their personal items unattended. Hygiene Kits typically contain socks, nonperisable food, a few hard candies, miniflashlights, nail clippers, toothbrushes with toothpaste, safety razors with shaving cream, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, toothpicks with flossers, bandaids, and more. We will also box up blankets, backpacks, jackets, gently used shoes, pull-over hats, and gloves. Assembly events are held on the first Saturday of each month; they support Distribution Events, which are held on the second Saturday of each month. Assembly usually takes 3 to 3 1/2 hours and requires 3-4 volunteers.