Atheists Helping the Homeless DC, Distribution Event, August 13, 2022

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This event has already passed. Visit Atheists Helping the Homeless, DC–Helping People Without Homes to find upcoming events.
WHEN: 08/13/2022 - WHERE: Progress Place, 8106 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring MD 20910. We set up our tables on the sidewalk in front of the building.
We are Atheists Helping the Homelessness DC (AHHDC). Our mission is to help people experiencing homelessness in Washington DC and nearby areas by making life just a little easier. We are atheists motivated by our internal sense of morality. We are citizens. We want to help, to encourage, to guide, to learn, and to receive. We have ethics to guide us. We have moral compasses.The Distribution Events take place on the second Saturday of each month. They can be in Silver Spring, MD or in Georgetown, Washington DC. Hygiene Kits are distributed to people experiencing homelessness. This event was a strong success. We distributed all 100 of our Hygiene Kits and about 48 bottles of water. Additionally, about 18 pairs of shoes were distributed as well as 10 baseball caps. Kits included crew socks, shaving cream, body lotion, safety razors, multiple towelettes, a toothbrush with tooth paste, a 3 oz. pouch of chicken and a snack, soap, and more. There was a strong demand for our kits and we finished in 3 hours. Clients told us they would like to see fingernail clippers, and miniflashlights included in our kits. More hats and shoes would have been welcome, but these items are donated in small numbers irregularly.