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WHEN: 12/01/2021 - 12/31/2021 WHERE: Summit County, Colorado
We kept up with our collections at Starbucks in Frisco. Most of this food goes to the Community Care Clinic and is available in coolers in the waiting area for anyone who needs it. Some of the food also goes to Father Dyer Church and is distributed along with the Sunday evening community dinner. And some goes to the Women's Shelter at Summit Advocates. We estimate about 700 pounds of food waste donated and distributed. We're not sure why there has been less this month. But we're always shocked at how much there is in the first place. We are working on our website. We sent out a message to some local groups through FB looking for a lawyer and a CPA to help us with some things regarding our starting up. We have found a CPA to be on our board. We had our second board meeting in December. We have met with a professor of Sustainability at Colorado Mountain College. She is going to use CAFE food rescue as an instructional tool for 2 of her classes. We'll be meeting with some of the classes and helping the through some science behind food waste and climate impacts. We'll plan some class activities, maybe doing waste sorts and talking with catering classes as well.