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WHEN: 02/20/2023@4:00pm - 4:00pm WHERE: Cayes, Sud , HAITI
Today, we decided to meet some women in the fight against sexual violence. There are still many who are afraid to speak, others do not want to appear in front of the camera because they feel ashamed. But there are those who decided to speak, so we met some of them and explained that they have been raped several times in their lives. We have a lady who has several children without a father, she explains that men are always violating her, she feels she can't do it anymore. So, I advised her to complain and go to the hospital. Sexual violence is something that repeats a lot in Haiti because we have a weak justice system and the state does not value its children. We want to open women's eyes to complain and we have given them some advice to take to avoid vagrants from sexually assaulting them.