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WHEN: 07/01/2023@5:05pm - 07/31/2023 7:00pm WHERE: Kasese Humanist School
The Food Security Project activities have been going on well at all our farmlands and majorly this month has been full of harvestings and preparing the grounds for fresh plantings early next month. We harvested about 1200 kgs of maize, 100 kgs of peanuts, 300 kgs of beans to mention but a few. We also harvested several crates of tomatoes, eggplants , red chillies and garden eggs. We have expanded on our gardens for eggplant on the outskirts of river Nyamwamba and the gardens are in shape, healthy and we are watering them in this dry spell each morning and evenings. Fresh gardens are being ploughed for massive growing of vegetables at the Bizoha farmland, in different parts around our Rukoki school. Our secondary school gardening club are this time planting sweet potatoes and initial works has begun. We thank GO HUMANITY for the ernomous support they continue to extend to our school project. Our food Security needs are well caterer for and the children, parents,staffs and local community are thankful for this noble cause. With science, we can progress