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WHEN: 07/31/2022@7:00am - 07/31/2022 11:00am WHERE: Pinagbakahan, Malolos City, Bulacan
As Nutrition Month was coming to a close, HAPI Bulacan and HAPI junior held two concurrent events for their dengue awareness campaign. Early in the morning, HAPI Bulacan accompanied by HAPI CFO Mutya Valenzuela, prepared breakfast (Arroz Caldo) for the members of the chapter while discussing and conversing about the importance of the Dengue awareness campaign, that organizing large-scale cleanup campaigns periodically will help stop the spread of the dengue virus. Eliminating mosquito breeding places can bring down dengue infection's morbidity and fatality rates to the point where it no longer poses a threat to the public's health. The members were given fresh vegetables to help boost their immune systems after spending a long hour checking homes and buildings for any crevices where mosquitoes might hide and lay their eggs. The children were also given medications and vitamins to guard them against any illnesses that may emerge this season. Everything went smoothly, and everyone was pleased to get the vegetables and vitamins because they would benefit from using them. This Dengue Awareness Campaign was done in partnership with GO Humanity. We are forever grateful for their help and support.