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WHEN: 10/02/2022@9:00am - 10/02/2022 10:00am WHERE: Sitio Bato, Baranggay Indahag, Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines
HAPI - Cagayan de Oro is ready for its community garden! They held a meeting last, October 2nd, to go over the roles each member will play in growing the garden as chapter lead convenor, Johnny Denden, showed everyone the tools they will be working with. They were joined by HAPI CFO, Mutya Valenzuela, and HAPI Corporate Secretary, Steven Cross. This community garden will benefit its members and their families, as well as their neighbors, who are in need. During the height of COVID19, Barangay Indahag was hit the hardest as they were in Mindanao. Volunteer were not able to go there freely because of the feuding between the government and Muslims in the area. Providing the chapter with a community garden will help them have a supply of healthy foods even if they can't get a hold of grocery items regularly. This project was made possible by GO Humanity. Thank you for your continuous support!