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WHEN: 07/22/2023@11:00am - 07/22/2023 12:00pm WHERE: Sampaloc, Metro Manila
HAPI CFO Mutya Valenzuela recently came across a mother's call for help on social media that she knew she could not ignore. After checking on the family's story and interacting with Antonette Provido online for some time, it was determined that they were truly in dire need of assistance. On July 22, 2023 HAPI National, accompanied by HAPI volunteers Princess Paquiz and Arnel Inocencio, visited the family based in Sampaloc, Manila. Although Ms. Provido only asked for milk and vitamins for her children, as well as medicine for fever and common cold, Ms. Valenzuela carefully assessed the situation and felt they would also benefit from GO Humanity's food security program. All in all, five families, approximately 30 recipients, received boxes of groceries and clothes. The Provido family received medicine, vitamins, clothes, groceries, and food for their pet dogs and cats. One of Ms. Provido's daughters recently had a birthday, so they were also given ingredients for spaghetti and a birthday cake to give her a proper celebration. HAPI is not a charity, but there are moments when the situation calls for immediate action. Before leaving the family, Ms. Valenzuela discussed the ways to protect themselves against dengue as they live near the railroad tracks and their flooring is constantly wet due to the canal waters and other water sources that run down to where they stay. She also advised them on how to feed the pets with the food and snacks provided as not to use their own food to feed them. Her last word of advice to the family was not to go through the grocery items too quickly and that fresh meat and vegetables is still best for the children. While in Manila, Ms. Valenzuela and HAPI Jr. Ambassador Angie Driskell visited three members of HAPI Jr. and brought them grocery packs as well. Thank you to GO Humanity for providing the vitamins for all the children and the rice for all the families. Thank you to HAPI donor Aneem At-Shiyaam Ysmael for the snacks, various groceries, and clothes that were distributed. Thank you to Mutya Valenzuela for the treats, cat food, dog food, medicine, and birthday meal. Thank you to Angie Driskell and her family for additional cat food, clothes, canned goods and other grocery items. #WeAreHAPI #GOhumanity #FoodSecurityProgram